Banking Advisory (Resident and Non-Resident Accounts)

The process to begin a bank account in UAE may look troublesome and time-taking for individuals who have never managed such processes in the UAE. 

At Consult Zone, we assist by giving you complete data concerning the prerequisites and documentation that you have to finish to open a bank account in Dubai. Experience permits our specialists to manage the cycle to open a bank account in Dubai in a convenient way, while knowledge and consistent work with various clients has left exceedingly significant data on our specialists’ fingertips.


Accounts holders, who are residents of the UAE, can get cheque books issued by the bank. Banks in Dubai don’t give cheque books to seaward organizations (offshore companies). The vast majority of the banks in Dubai UAE permit non-residents to open just a Savings Account and not a Current Account. Non-residents can’t accomplish a cheque book nonetheless; non-inhabitants will be given a debit card to withdraw the cash.

Types of Advisory Bank Account Services

- Legal Services

Our legal services will permit you to maintain your business without the danger of running into claims and other lawful difficulties. Beginning a business in Dubai may appear to be trying with respect to legalities yet it is truly made straightforward when we assist you by finding for you the ideal legal services. 

- Home Finance

We can assist you by masterminding the best home finance alternatives for you to choose from. We don’t give home financing all alone; however utilize our market research skills to present to you the alternatives that will be generally useful for you.

- Business Finance

Business financing choices are actually not very different from home financing; however, technicalities do emerge with regards to servicing the finances borrowed. We attempt to comprehend the terms of financing and gauge the expenses against the advantages before giving you the most ideal alternative to finance your business.

- Company Empanelment for Lending Retail Products

Company empanelment is useful with regard to giving items to the market. It includes a danger as the items are being given on a credit basis however, that is the means by which the channel of distribution functions. We assist you to locate the most ideal approach to ensure your danger isn’t excessively high and the item arrives at the market as well. We know recipients of empanelment who can furnish you with the distribution facilities that you are searching for with ensured results.

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